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Since the beginning of theCovid-19 pandemicand the restrictions it has brought, many industries have struggled to tread water as customer numbers plummeted and profits flatlined, and none have struggled more than the hospitality sector.

28th April, 20227th December, 2022

Chris Richards

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However, one of the few saving graces that have helped keep the hospitality sector ticking over is delivery or courier services, the most successful in the UK being Just Eat.

Just Eat dominates the UK food courier market, claiming 80% ahead of its nearest rivals Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

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Following such an exponential rise to prominence, this fast-food delivery service can provide a flexible, full-time, part-time, or even zero-hours source of income for those willing to transport the instantly recognisable commercial-grade thermal bag.

So, whether you’re considering blowing the cobwebs off your bicycle or turning your car into a money-spinner, just what can you expect as a Just Eat courier?

What does being a Just Eat delivery driver involve?

Just Eat delivery drivers and bike couriers can expect an incredibly flexible job that can be done alongside other work.

On that theme, Just Eat is an independent contractor that utilises a courier app to notify its employees of work within an employee’s self-imposed working hours.

Likewise, delivery locations depend on a courier’s location and their chosen mode of transport, and they can work as little or as much as they like. But what about the pay?

Well, unlike many other food couriers, Just Eat pay their delivery drivers/cyclists at least the living or minimum wage for their age bracket. Moreover, the courier company also recently confirmed that all of their couriers will receive holiday, sick and parental leave pay.

This is an industry-leading development for such flexible employment.

In addition to earning the living wage, couriers can also expect to pocket any tips given on top of the delivery fee. As a result, many drivers report that they can earn very good money.

Money earned is paid into a courier’s bank account via direct debit at the end of every week.

What are the requirements for Just Eat delivery drivers?

Full driving license

If you wish to become a Just Eat delivery driver, it’s a given that you require a fully operational driving license. If you can’t drive a vehicle, you can’t fulfil the base obligation of being a Just Eat driver.

As such, unless you hope to become one of their bike couriers, you’ll be expected to produce a full driving license.

Your own vehicle

Just Eat doesn’t provide vehicles for its delivery drivers. As such, couriers are expected to provide their own delivery vehicles.

Consequentially, if you don’t own a vehicle, employees will have to settle for becoming a bicycle courier, source a vehicle or search for alternative employment.

Necessary safety equipment

Where safety is concerned, couriers are required to provide their own equipment.

Delivery drivers vehicles should be fully insured and have passed their MOT. Likewise, safety features such as seatbelts and airbags should be fully operational.

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For moped drivers or bike couriers, protective clothing such as motorcycle leathers and crash helmets is a must.

If you fail to meet any of these requirements, you won’t be able to complete the signup process.

A smartphone for the Just Eat app

Just Eat assigns work to its couriers via the Just Eat driver app, so a smartphone with a data plan is essential.

Therein, delivery drivers and couriers input their availability in advance so that the company can designate a good amount of work to them during their working hours.

Likewise, your smartphone’s location function enables the app to assign work within your local area and help maintain a regular income on your terms.

What insurance will you need as a Just Eat delivery driver?

We touched upon the importance of gaining insurance as a delivery driver, so it’s also worth noting that your standard car insurance doesn’t cover you when delivering food from restaurants or takeaways.

With that in mind, there are several different types of food delivery insurancethat will cover you for your work with Just Eat. You’ll find a list of these insurance plans below, starting with the basic level of cover you need and finishing with the best:

Basic: Class 3 Business Insurance

This insurance allows you to use your vehicle for work purposes; however, more job-specific insurance plans may be more appropriate and cheaper.

Better: Courier Insurance

Courier insurance is a subcategory of business insurance and covers the delivery of goods on behalf of your client/employer whilst covering the loss, theft or damage of said goods.

Best: Specialist Hot Food Delivery Insurance

The next level up from courier insurance, specialist hot food delivery insurance covers you to drive your vehicle to various destinations to deliver food and covers the loss, theft or damage of said food in transit.

Along with these types of insurance, you cover you get should also be specific to the type of transport you’re using to deliver. That is to say, whether you’re driving a van, car, motor or pushbike, the type of insurance required differs.

In particular, push bicyclists aren’t legally required to take out insurance; however, they can take out a cycling liability policy and/or standard cycling insurance to cover damage (or loss) to other’s and their own property, respectively.

If you’d like to find out more or are keen to find the right delivery/courier insurance for you, at Utility Saving Expert, we’ve simplified the process and can locate and compare insurance quotes specifically for Just Eat drivers and couriershere.

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How much can Just Eat drivers earn per hour?

Just Eat pays at least thenational minimum/living wagefor your age bracket.

As of April 2021, this registers as follows:

  • 18 – 20 years old: £6.56
  • 21 – 22 years old: £8.36
  • 23 and over: £8.91

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How does driving for Just Eat work?

Driving for Just Eat is a simplistic and flexible process, the most complex part of which is securing the right type and level of insurance.

However, once you have secured said insurance and have checked you have all the required documentation, then you simply need to follow the onboarding process, register as a delivery driver on the Just Eat app and input your own schedule.

Once complete, you’ll be provided with a commercial-grade thermal bag and, during your predetermined hours, you’ll receive delivery driver jobs through the app; you can start delivering food thereafter.

Does Just Eat employ drivers?

Yes, Just Eat employs people to deliver food via various means. So, if you’re a budding food delivery driver, you can work for Just Eat.

Can Just Eat drivers make a full-time wage?

The flexible nature of working for Just Eat enables food delivery drivers and couriers to choose their own schedule; however, it also doesn’t guarantee a regular flow of money.

That said, Just Eat does pay its couriers the national living wage, so, quiet periods aside, if couriers schedule full-time hours, yes, a full-time wage can, in theory, be achieved.

Does Just Eat cover running costs?

As an independent contractor, Just Eat doesn’t cover running costs or pay a delivery fee.

Thus, it’s important, particularly if you’re a food delivery driver, to account for fuel price and any damage taken to protective clothing while delivering food.

What’s more, you’ll also be required to pay for a potentially expensive courier-specific insurance plan, so make sure to consider additional, hidden running costs when applying for your courier job.

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