MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (2023)

Married At First Sight has made for the most addictive and surprising viewing this year leaving viewers gobsmacked at some of the happenings between the E4 show’s couples.

While the newly married couples have faced their fair share of trials and tribulations, some have managed to make it work.

Episodes may have been filmed months ago, but that hasn’t stopped many of the cast taking to social media to share their takes on what really went down.

We take a look at this year’s couples and where they are now and more importantly, who stayed married…

MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (1)

Jess and Pjay

MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (2)

Jess Potter and Pjay Finch were the first couple to say they wanted to “leave” and exit the show after Jess said she struggled to form a physical attraction to Pjay, despite their friendship.

Since the show, Pjay has been posting photos and videos with his son, as well as some affiliate links with workout brands as he racked up the Instagram followers.

Jess has been enjoying her time away from the show with cocktails and dental hygienist has already returned to her day job, according to reports from the Sun.

Lara and Richie

MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (3)

Lara Eyre and Richie Dews were the season’s oldest couple, however they left a few weeks into the experiment due to a “lack of communication”.

Lara said she was unable to provide the “emotional need” that 51 year old Richie needed.

She has since gone back to Nottingham, where she has returned to pose for some photos at her former workplace – Five Guys and for now she appears single.

(Video) Married At First Sight: Couples That Are Still Together In 2022

Elsewhere Richie has played on BBC Radio Sheffield since leaving the series and according to his social media account, he is single.

Thomas and Adrian

MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (4)

Thomas Hartley and Adrian Sanderson seemed to get off to a rocky start at the beginning of the series when Thomas admitted on the wedding day that Adrian’s blonde hair was “not [his] type”.

After an intense argument during their honeymoon, the couple persevered through the drama that followed them and grew stronger.

Thomas has gone on to gain over 100,0000 Instagram followers at the time of writing and Adrian has been posting videos of his singing online.

The pair have since split with Adrian telling fans on social media that his relationship status is "single".

April and George

MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (5)

April Banbury and George Roberts were paired up by the experts despite the fact that April lived a fast-paced life in London and George enjoyed an existence with his four children.

The pair were shadowed by trust issues in every episode of the series, as George struggled to have faith in April and she seemed unable to calm his nerves.

Since leaving the show, April has continued to pursue her pilot training and posted a female empowerment photo on Instagram urging followers that they are “stronger than [they] think”.

It is not known whether she is still with George, however she has not posted a photo with him in a while.

Kasia and Kwame

MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (6)

Kasia and Kwame had a rocky experience throughout the MAFS process which deepened when Kwame refused to allow the film crew and Kasia to visit his house during the homestay.

(Video) Married at First Sight: Update on the Couples that are Still Together as of 2023

Kasia, who is a successful entrepreneur, has posted a series of photos showcasing her glamorous life on Instagram.

It doesn’t seem that the couple have remained close, as Kasia uploaded an image in which she labelled Kwame a “Pawn” and herself a “Queen”.

Whitney and Matt

MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (7)

Whitney Hughes and Matt Murray became a couple after both entering the experiment with different partners in a shock twist that left viewers gobsmacked.

The pair formed a connection and asked to re-enter the show as a dating couple and since leaving the show they seem to be going strong, posting images together and joining each other on Instagram live videos.

At the reunion dinner party the pair – who had insisted they were in love – revealed that they've gone their separate ways, leaving the experts stunned.

Citing their long distance relationship as the cause of their relationship break down, Whitney said: “After our vow renewals I went up to his and we were still super intense… but distance is a big thing."

“We’ve kind of remained friends. I still have feelings for him and I still care for him,” she added.

Since the show Whitney has got herself a new dog, meanwhile Matt has disclosed that he is handling the aftermath “well” but is finding the backlash from the show tough.


MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (8)

Duka Cav left the experiment after 19 episodes after his marriage to Whitney went nowhere.

From the first few episodes of the series, Whitney claimed that she could not get close to Duka because of his “fake” nature. But the pair didn’t break up until Matt entered the show and caught Whitney’s eye.

Duka, who works in recruitment, appears to remain single and positive following his appearance on the show, posting photos of himself and his friends from series 7 on Instagram - but none with Whitney.


MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (9)

(Video) The Married At First Sight UK couples who are still together now

Gemma Rose entered the show as part of a new couple with Matt, before exiting swiftly following a fight caused by the affair between Whitney and Matt.

The hairdresser locked horns with her partner in multiple scenes throughout the show over her sexual sense of humour, but seems to have remained firm friends with many of the stars, posting a photo of former star Bob Voysey above the caption “Best friends”.

She has since gone on to speak about her appearance on the show on various podcasts and has linked a new OnlyFans account to her Instagram.

Chanita and Jordan

MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (10)

Jordan and Chanita started the series as one of the show’s strongest couples however things started to go pear shaped, when Jordan disclosed he was having doubts about moving in together.

However, it wasn't to be as the pair are no longer together after Jordan "stopped making an effort with Chanita" and her ultimate fears for their relationship came true.

During the show's dinner party, Chanita arrived alone and told her fellow contestants: "When we came out of the experiment, everything just changed. Basically, I kept saying ‘I feel like you’re not interested in me, you’re not making an effort, you’re not doing this’, and he’s all, ‘no, no, no, I can’t wait to see you’ - and then I was right!”.

“And then he was like, ‘oh, I don’t think we’re compatible, I don’t want to be with you’ - it was really weird,” she continued.

Following that Jordan had a a heart-to-heart with Zoe Clifton and explained his decision to end his relationship: “So I came out of the other side of the experiment, back into reality and I think for me, that was a time of massive reflection.

“I was questioning, can I really make this girl happy and do you really make me happy, or how we operate, our personalities and characteristics, are they just not exactly right for each other?”

Jordan said he found himself reflecting on his journey so far before concluding he didn’t think he and Chanita were compatible.

“I sat down and thought to myself, Jordan, realistically, can you see you and Chanita, forever? Can you see yourself falling in love? Can you see yourself having kids? And I thought, where do I go from this?” He continued.

“So I organised a FaceTime and on that call, Chanita was pressing me like, ‘Do you want to be with me or not?’ She asked me that question a few times bluntly and I was in a position where I was like, no, I don’t.”

Since leaving the show, Jordan has been photographed on a night out with a Geordie Shore star, whereas Chanita appears to be enjoying pampering sessions and going to Manchester Pride with fellow cast member Sophie.

(Video) The Married At First Sight UK couples who are still together now

Zoe and Jenna

MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (11)

Jenna Robinson and Zoe Clifton got together as the first lesbian couple the show has ever had, and it appears that they have remained close after the process.

Jenna’s sister Josie has posted a photo with Zoe on Instagram, meanwhile the couple have been sharing many images of themselves from throughout the process.

Jenna’s independent waste-free shop has continued running in her absence, although she has not confirmed her return to the shop floor yet.

Meanwhile, Zoe is still working as a quantity surveyor according to her LinkedIn profile.

Sophie and Jonathan

MAFS UK 2022 couples that are still together and where they are now (12)

Sophie Brown and Jonathan Wileman joined the series halfway through the action as a late couple and seemed to hit it off.

The pair appeared to have come from very different backgrounds, with Sophie dedicated to her tech career in Manchester, and Jonathon committed to a more gentle pace of life in a rural town.

However, Jonathan refused to disclose whether he was still with Sophie in an Instagram live.

While the couple arrived separately during the reunion dinner party on Monday, revealing that their marriage hadn't lasted outside of the experiment.


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Are any of the couples from mafs UK 22 still together? ›

Zoe and Jenna were the only couple to survive the 2022 season and manage to make it all the way to the reunion, where they seemed pretty loved up.

Which couples are still together from mafsa 2022? ›

Despite the drama, the show did see some strong romances. Selina and Cody, Domenica and Jack and Olivia and Jackson all chose to stay together after final vows.

Are Adam and Tayah still together? ›

Tayah and Adam are the only couple still together from MAFS 2021. They met for the first time at the altar and instantly bonded, deciding to get married legally once the show ended.

Who stays together on Married at First Sight 2022 after decision day? ›

Only One MAFS Season 16 Couple Said Yes On Decision Day

"The one couple that stayed married on Decision Day is Chris and Nicole," MAFSfan shared in an Instagram Story, and even declared, "They are still together as of [January 2023]!"

Are Matt and Whitney together? ›

It sounds like there's no hope that Matt and Whitney will rekindle their romance, and by the looks of their socials, it doesn't appear like they spend any time together. On top of that, in November 2022 Whitney revealed to OK! Magazine that she 'really regrets' her relationship with Matt.

Are Matt and Whitney from mafs UK still together? ›

Whitney Hughes has hit out at Matt Murray after revealing their relationship had ended at the Married At First Sight reunion. The pair were one of the most controversial couples on the E4 show in 2022, as they decided to pursue a relationship, despite being initially 'married' to other people.

Why did Olivia and Jackson split up? ›

Alongside a selfie of him at the airport, Jackson, 31, wrote: 'Splitting up with someone isn't abandoning them. ' Jackson then explained: 'Us splitting had nothing to do with the haters... We had just drifted apart.

Are Tayla and Cam together? ›

But, since then, both Tayla and Cam have said they're just friends and aren't dating and the groom has even confirmed that he is in a new relationship since the show ended. Married At First Sight Australia is streaming on All4.

Are Luke and Morag still together? ›

After a very rocky relationship, which saw Morag tell Luke she didn't find him attractive, Welsh groom Luke and Morag split after the show.

Are Matt and Marilyse still together? ›

But the couple have now decided to call quits on their relationship. Marilyse took to her Instagram Stories to reveal the news to her followers. She said: “I've received multiple messages asking if Matt and I are still together.

Who is pregnant from Mafsuk? ›

Married at First Sight's Owen Jenkins and Michelle Walder have announced they are pregnant with their first child. The couple were married mere minutes after meeting on MAFS back in 2020.

Do Married at First Sight couples get paid? ›

Are Married at First Sight contestants paid? Yes. The contestants who appear on the show do get paid for their participation. While there is no prize for staying married at the end of the series, the contestants do get paid daily.

Are Christina and Henry still together? ›

While Henry denied the accusations, Christina refused to reveal who her source was. It's not surprising that Christina and Henry chose to get a divorce at the end of the season.

Are Amanda and Bennett still married? ›

While Amelia and Bennett agreed to stay married on Decision Day — with the couple revealing they were moving to Virginia during the October 2020 reunion — they ultimately called it quits and filed for divorce in October 2021. The pair likely ended on good terms and they still follow each other on Instagram.

Does Whitney regret her relationship with Matt? ›

I don't regret how I carried myself but I do really regret being with Matthew. I think I would have been better off going home – but I ran with my feelings, so it is what it is!

Are Kasia and Kwame still together? ›

From then on, Kasia referred to herself as single and opted to end the marriage and leave the show in the following commitment ceremony.

Who is Whitney dating Married At First Sight? ›

Married at First Sight contestant Matt Murray has shared an adorable post on his Instagram account, with a sweet caption about his partner Whitney.

Who is Matt from MAFS UK with now? ›

The pair split later and Matt began dating Marilyse Corrigan who was on the show in 2021. Matt currently works as a personal trainer and often shares gym snaps and his exercise routine on Instagram with his fans.

What happened with Matt on MAFS UK? ›

Matt was matched by relationship experts to marry fellow contestant Gemma Rose on the popular E4 show. However, viewers will know the relationship became very fiery and toxic. Ultimately the pair split and Matt entered a new relationship with another bride, Whitney Hughes.

What is Whitney from mafs doing now? ›

Where is Whitney Hughes now? By the looks of her Instagram, Whitney has been busy enjoying herself hanging out with friends and family. While the MAFS UK star isn't giving much away, she shared a post after joining the line up.

How did Olivia Frazer lose weight? ›

Olivia previously revealed she weighed 95kg throughout her teenage years before deciding to have gastric sleeve surgery when she was 22. But after suffering from gallstones during her recovery, the now 28-year-old said she lost a dangerous amount of weight, dropping to just 45kg.

What is Olivia from married at first sight doing now? ›

Since then, Olivia has made a career on OnlyFans, earned a whopping $500,000 in her first fourth months on the adult subscription-based platform, and recently appeared on the cover of MAXIM Australia.

Who is Olivia from MAFS with now? ›

Married At First Sight 2022: Olivia Frazer confirms new relationship with British filmmaker William after Jackson Lonie split.

Who is the most successful couple from MAFS? ›

5 Most Successful Couples From Married At First Sight
  • 5 Danielle and Bobby Dodd (season 7)
  • 4 Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre (season 6)
  • 3 Briana Myles and Vincent Morales (season 12)
  • 2 Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner (season 1)
  • 1 Woody Randall and Amani Aliyaa (season 11)
Feb 18, 2023

Are Tahnee and Ollie related? ›

"Tahnee's sister's husband is Ollie's second cousin," a source revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle as the season started airing. "Although they're not blood-related or anything like that, technically they are distant relatives in a weird way.

Are Sandy and Dan still together? ›

Are MAFS' Sandy and Dan still together? That's a hard no. The pair didn't exactly have an easy ride on the show and split up during the fourth commitment ceremony.

Is mafs Tayla autistic? ›

The Love Island Australia star told fans she has been diagnosed with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and dyslexia in a TikTok video.

Are Layton and Melinda still together? ›

Yes! Melinda and Layton are still together to this day and, judging by the social media, the pair look happier than ever.

Did Cam and Tayla from mafs get together? ›

But, since then, both Tayla and Cam have said they're just friends and aren't dating and the groom has even confirmed that he is in a new relationship since the show ended.

Are Bob and Morag dating? ›

Bob took to his Instagram Story to say: "Hi guys, just a quick one this evening. There's been a few articles today insinuating me and Morag are dating. Just to clarify this, now, 100% me and Morag are not dating, we are just good friends, close friends, like I am with a few of the other girls on the show."

What dating show was Morag on? ›

Ant and Nikita both starred on MTV's Your Face Or Mine, Josh was on Shipwrecked and Morag was one of the infamous single ladies on Take Me Out. It later transpired that some of the cast were scouted for the show, and some applied because they wanted a shot at true love.

Are Josh and Amy still married? ›

Ultimately, despite deciding to stay together at the final vows, the couple were unable to make their marriage work and split. The last viewers saw of Amy on screen was in December 2022 when she appeared at the Christmas reunion.

Is Matt on married at first sight cheating? ›

One golden rule of Married at First Sight is not to cheat on your bride or groom and in the 2022 series this rule was not followed. Groom Matt cheated on his wife Gemma with fellow bride Whitney, who was married to Duka.

Have Matt and Marylise split? ›

Just weeks after telling OK! of their plans to one day marry and have kids together, Marilyse confirmed rumours of their split on Instagram, saying she wished Matt "all the best for his future".

Are they really married on Mafsuk? ›

Married at First Sight first hit TV screens in 2015 and for the first 5 series the couples were legally married. However, after adopting the Australian (more entertaining) format last year the couples no longer get legally married.

Are Adam and Tayah pregnant on Married At First Sight? ›

The couple first met during the experiment in 2021, announcing they were pregnant a few months after the series finished. Sharing their adorable baby news on Instagram, Adam and Tayah revealed little baby Beau was born on Friday last week.

Have Adam and Tayah had their baby? ›

"To my Adam, I didn't think I could love you even more but seeing you with our daughter completely fills my heart. Just want to say a massive thank you to Doncaster hospital, for going above and beyond to reassure me and to the amazing lady who stayed after her shift had finished to deliver our girl.

Did Tayah have a miscarriage on MAFS? ›

Before meeting Adam, Tayah suffered a miscarriage and openly spoke about the heartbreaking experience on Married At First Sight. During her pregnancy, Tayah has continued to assure others they are not alone. Tayah has said "nothing will stop the anxiety" she has around this pregnancy and miscarrying again.

Do MAFS wear their own clothes? ›

The MAFS contestants pay for their own clothes. In many reality TV shows, the cast are often dressed by the production team. However, on married at First Sight Australia, the participants dress themselves.

Do Married at First Sight couples get annulment? ›

The answer depends entirely on the state in which the couples reside at the time they seek annulment. If the parties live in North Carolina, then North Carolina annulment law applies. (Note: Season nine of Married at First Sight featured North Carolina couples). There are no federal laws on annulling a marriage.

Who pays for the apartment on Married at First Sight? ›

You have to be able to support yourself. Like I said, the couples only receive a small stipend, according to Coelen. Generally, the couples still have to cover their cost of living during filming.

Is Christina pregnant on Married at First Sight? ›

Jordan Kimball and Christina Kimball (née Creedon) are expecting their first child, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal. “We're so excited,” the Bachelorette alum told Us in a joint interview with his wife, who is 12 weeks pregnant. “We're more in the spirit than ever.”

Did Olivia and Brett stay married? ›

The distance between the Married at First Sight cast members grew as time went on. Fans speculated that Olivia making more money than her partner created some tension. In light of the way that Brett left, divorce was the only option for Olivia. After the split, however, she has been living a happy, full life.

Does Henry from mafs have a girlfriend? ›

As for more updates on Henry, he shared a photo of him and his girlfriend Kayla McCormick on Instagram, and wished his fans a Happy Fourth Of July. Henry wrote in his caption, "Red, white, and boo," as she was wearing a red dress, and he was wearing a white shirt. He continued, "Happy Fourth to everyone!

Did Amelia dump Bennett? ›

On Decision Day, during the season finale, Amelia and Bennett chose to stay together, with Bennett even getting a tattoo of Amelia's initials. They announced they were moving to Virginia during the reunion, but Amelia and Bennett ultimately filed for divorce in October 2021.

Are Ben and Amelia still together? ›

Like Amelia and Bennett, very few Married at First Sight couples are still together in 2023. The quirky pair were married for about one year before throwing in the towel. Bennett and Amelia's lives have changed since their breakup.

Where is Bronson from mafsa now? ›

Nowadays, entrepreneur Bronson is still running his party boat business in Australia, which he started back in 2009. He also regularly speaks out about animal cruelty to his 117k followers and re-homing homeless dogs in Bali.

Are any of the couples from MAFS 2023 still together? ›

Out of the twelve couples who competed on this year's series, The Brag can reveal that only two are still together: Tahnee and Ollie and Melinda and Layton, per a source close to the couples.

Are they really married on mafs UK? ›

Married at First Sight first hit TV screens in 2015 and for the first 5 series the couples were legally married. However, after adopting the Australian (more entertaining) format last year the couples no longer get legally married.

Are Melinda and Layton still together? ›

Yes! Melinda and Layton are still together to this day and, judging by the social media, the pair look happier than ever.

Are Cam and Tayla together? ›

But, since then, both Tayla and Cam have said they're just friends and aren't dating and the groom has even confirmed that he is in a new relationship since the show ended. Married At First Sight Australia is streaming on All4.

Is Olivia and Jackson still together? ›

During Yahoo's All-Star MAFS Reunion, Olivia got honest about the challenges of staying friends with Jackson nine months after their split. "So to be fully transparent with it, we very much tried to maintain a friendship and be really good mates, and I think we still are," she said.

Are Miles and Karen still together 2023? ›

The two lacked intimacy, particularly from Karen, but Miles later admitted that he almost said "no" at the time. However, he ultimately changed his mind. While many were convinced Karen and Miles parted ways after staying relatively silent throughout 2021, this couple is still married.

Did any of the UK MAFS stay together? ›

Out of the 34 couples matched on Married at First Sight UK, only three are still together. Married at First Sight UK started back in 2015 and has matched up 34 couples over the past seven years and a lot of them haven't worked out. The premise of Married at First Sight is simple, it's literally in the name.

Who had a girlfriend on Married at First Sight UK? ›

Married at First Sight UK's Jordon Mundell was 'still with his girlfriend of 11 years' while filming the show and only broke up with her TWO DAYS before the series aired, friends claim.

How scripted is Married at First Sight UK? ›

The UK version of Married at First Sight UK is not scripted, but the marriages aren't real. Unlike the US version of the show, the couples simply make a promise to their partners to stay together, and are not actually married.

Why did Melinda and Wayne break up? ›

Born in Swindon in 1971, Melinda found fame after becoming a popular Page 3 girl for The Sun newspaper. She married Wayne, 30 in 1998 and they have three children. One report in the tabloids was that Wayne's disagreement over their children's Steiner education was a contributing factor in the breakdown of the marriage.

Are Hugo and Tayla still together? ›

Tayla did then make a return to the experiment during a dinner party episode with the intention of working on her marriage with Hugo, but it wasn't meant to be and the pair announced their split later that night.

Is Duncan and Evelyn together? ›

Married at First Sight Australia stars Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis have confirmed they are officially in a relationship.


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