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The steps required to unlock flying in World Of Warcaft: Shadowlands' new zone, Zereth Mortis, can seem like a daunting task to undertake, especially if you haven’t done it before or if you don’t have friends to guide you through it. Can't figure out how to unlock flying in Zereth Mortis on your own? Good news! You’ve just found the key to unlock that door. Let us help you open it.

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Flying in Zereth Mortis can seem like a tricky achievement to earn. Obtaining it however can make those World Bosses, Rare Spawns, and pesky Daily Quests and Weekly Quests for your Reputation grind easier to get to. You will need to finish specific quests, hunt down rares, and seek scrolls among other objectives to receive the "Unlocking the Secrets" Achievement, which grants you the ability to fly across Zereth Mortis.


First Steps In Zereth Mortis

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After starting the quest “Call of the Primus” from completing the first three chapters of the "Chains of Domination" quest line, you will find yourself adventuring to Zereth Mortis. This quest will lead you on to the next quests in the Zereth Mortis Campaign Quest Line.

Starting the Zereth Mortis Campaign Quest Line is our first step to gaining flying in this zone. The Zereth Mortis Campaign Quests, titled "Secrets of the First Ones", can be tracked in the campaign drop-down category in your Quest Log, and any NPC in Zereth Mortis giving these quests out will have a brown shield behind the famous yellow quest-giving exclamation mark. As you progress in the campaign quests, you can easily snag up some of the other achievements along the way to attain flying. Let’s take a quick look at what is precisely needed to do all the achievements for flying.

Flying In Zereth Mortis: An Overview

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To complete the grand achievement "Unlocking the Secrets", you will have to do all the six Achievements within it. The good news is that only two of them are locked behind quests and chapters in the Zereth Mortis Campaign, namely "Path to Enlightenment" and "A Means to an End". The other four achievements you can do at any time are "Exploring Zereth Mortis", "Curious Collections", "Tales of the Exile", and "Adventures in Zereth Mortis". Alongside the progress in the campaign and questing, these quests will have you hunt down chests, scrolls, rare spawns, and locations. Let's jump into it!

Exploring Zereth Mortis

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This one is pretty straightforward, you simply have to explore the whole map of Zereth Mortis, excluding the island to the east holding the Sepulcher of the First One's raid. Some areas tend to be a bit more dangerous than others, so make sure to take precautions when getting near The Dread Portal and the Forge of Afterlives. Looking at the map, we can use it as a reference for the main spots. Let's take a look at the map and key.

(Video) How To Unlock Flying FAST In Patch 9.2 Zereth Mortis- Requirements, Tips & Tricks
  1. Haven
  2. Path of Inception
  3. Lexical Glade
  4. Dread Portal
  5. Pilgrims Grace
  6. Dimensional Falls
  7. Catalyst Gardens
  8. Great Veldt
  9. Terrace of Formation
  10. Deserted Outlook
  11. Genesis Falls
  12. Arrangement Index
  13. Resonant Peaks
  14. Faith’s Repose
  15. Zooval’s Grasp
  16. Plain of Actualization
  17. Provis Fauna

Now that we have covered all the required locations to attain the achievement "Explore Zereth Mortis", let's take a look at the Curious Collections.

Curious Collections

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In the process of Exploring, you can grab 5 of the special Treasures scattered around Zereth Mortis required for this achievement. These special Treasures can vary in appearance and sometimes be hard to reach. Making good use of the Venthyr Door of Shadows ability, Warlock's Demonic Gateway, and Demon Hunters will make this achievement that much easier. If you have any of these it can save you some effort, but certainly isn't required. The good news is these treasures will show up on the minimap when you're close by. Alongside these special treasures helping you do the achievement, they will also grant you a good amount of Cyphers, Crystal Flux, and possibly even transmogs, schematics for crafting pets, toys, and costume accessories for Pocopoc.

A handful of these treasures won't be accessible till after you have obtained the Cypher system and gained access to the traits there. But don't worry, unlocking that will not hold you back from finishing this achievement. You'll only need 5 Treasures for this achievement, so let's take a look at some of the easiest ones to find that anyone from any class and covenant can do.

World Of Warcraft: How To Unlock Flying In Zereth Mortis (5)

1. Filched Artifact - This one is a simple jump puzzle on the stone orbs but can also be reached using any teleport abilities.

2. Domination Cache - This requires a Domination Key dropped from the Mawsworn Inquisitors Elite mobs lurking around.

3. Submerged Chest - Pick up the Dangerous Orb of Power on the South side of the lake, take it to the forgotten pump on the West side of the lake, and the Chest will rise from the depths.

(Video) UPDATED! How to Unlock FLYING in Zereth Mortis | Shadowlands

4. Symphonic Vault - Located in the cave on the side of the Forge of Afterlives, you must click the objects with buttons in the room in a certain order to unlock access to the chest. The first in the order is the one on the right farthest from the entrance, the second is the one on the left closest to the entrance, then the one next to the Chest and pillar, followed by the one on the right closest to the entrance, and lastly the one by the orb on the ground on the left side farthest from the entrance.

5. Crushed Supply Crate - There is a fallen pillar with a treasure under some rocks. You will find a repair tool on top of the pillar in the divot above the chest. Once obtained you will have to find an NPC named Hiu Fi, talk to them and give them the repair tool. Hiu Fi will then give you a Jiro Hammer to break the rocks and get access to the treasure.

6. Template Archive - Located in the cave, run to the left side of the room and interact with the stone ball. This will roll across the room, destroying the other stone ball blocking your path and granting you access to the chest inside.

7. Fallen Vault - After using the teleporter to get to the island, this one is located alongside the cliffs on the east side, you will need to drop down to grab the chest. There will be a teleporter there to get you back safely.

8. Mistaken Ovoid - Located in the Cave, a giant chicken sits on the chest you need. You will need to hunt down 5 Lost Ovoids across Zereth Mortis and place them next to the chicken for it to move and give you access to the treasure.

9. Library Vault - In the cave, you will have to run to the left side of the cave and click the leftmost tablet, this will give you a buff and allow you to open the chest on the right side of the room.

10. Mawsworn Cache - Located by the cages, but watch out there will be Elites here!

11. Stolen Relic - This one is a jumping puzzle, but you can also use teleport to get on top of the highest orb to get the chest.

12. Syntactic Vault - Located in the cave, you will have to find and interact with six runes within six minutes in various locations around the island to get access to the chest.

13. Damaged Jiro Stash - Follow the fallen pillar up and drop down at its tip and you can find it there.

14. Bushel of Progenitor Produce - Located in the building to the South of the rectangular lake, you must fight Nascent Servitors on the lake to get 5 stacks of Creation Catalyst Overcharge, once you have five stacks run to the door to unlock it, and gaining access to the chest.

15. Undulating Foliage - This one can get bugged so be warned. Located in the cave behind a locked door. To get in you must interact with the two Bloomthorn Barriers outside and click the two locks. The one on the cliff is super important for the puzzle. Once inside go from the room to the right side of the big room, into the one located through the tunnel on the right. Once there look for the lock near the bushes by the left tunnel. Through that tunnel is the next room, you will find the next lock under some Bloomthorn Vines on the right side of the room. In the next room, the lock is under the vines in the center of the room. After finishing this return to the main room, run up the ramp, and interact with the teleporter granting you access to the upper floor and the chest. You can also teleport up there if you have the ability.

16. Overgrown Protofuit - Located near the waterfall by the flight path, you will want to be on your mount to jump on top of the Orb stone and then onto the patch of foliage to jump to where the treasure is next to that.

17. Offering to the First Ones - This one is hard to miss, it is out in the open on the side of the cliff.

Tales of the Exile

World Of Warcraft: How To Unlock Flying In Zereth Mortis (6)
(Video) How to unlock Flying in Zereth Mortis - Shadowlands Unlocking the Secrets Guide

The Tales of the Exile achievement will have you collecting Scrolls across Zereth Mortis telling you the tale of how Firim went into exile. There aren't too many of these Scrolls, but they can be a bit difficult to see if you aren't looking with a keen eye. These will look like a distinct Scroll to interact with, different from the various appearances of the Curious Collections you have collected. With not too many to collect and in fairly easy locations, getting your hands on these should be a cakewalk. Let's get Scroll hunting!

World Of Warcraft: How To Unlock Flying In Zereth Mortis (7)

1. Firim in Exile: Part 1 - This scroll can be found on the side of the cliff above the main path next to some foliage, at the base of a rock wall. You may have to kill some mobs to be able to loot it without being interrupted.

2. Firim in Exile: Part 2 - You will find this scroll along the ring of stone pillars surrounding the Forge of Afterlives. There will be a fallen-over pillar with a bird's nest at the top. The scroll is inside the nest.

3. Firim in Exile: Part 3 - Outside of Exile's Hollow, after coming off the main path just before going between the stone entrance, you should see some blue, slightly glowing vegetation. The scroll is at the base of these blue flowers.

4. Firim in Exile: Part 4 - Following the road to the Catalyst Gardens, and just outside of it you will see off to your left if you are heading South a stone wall with gold decorations. The scroll is on the outside of the wall facing the lake nearby underneath some foliage. It may be hard to see, but it is there, so keep your eyes open.

5. Firim in Exile: Part 5 - In the area above Exiles Hollow, you will find yourself in a more desert environment, you're in the right place. There is a cave in the back and the scroll is just to the right once you enter.

6. Firim in Exile: Part 6 - Near the Arrangement Index, you will find this scroll behind the big building to the northeast, at the base of the stone wall the scroll will be waiting for you in a corner.

7. Firim in Exile: Part 7 - Just below the last scroll, you will find the 7th scroll on top of a pile of sand surrounded by enemies, so be careful as you go for this one.

8. Firim in Exile: Part 8 - Back in Exiles Hollow you will find this scroll on Firim's desk, right behind him. It may be hard to see with all of his other paperwork, but you can find it there.

Adventures in Zereth Mortis

World Of Warcraft: How To Unlock Flying In Zereth Mortis (8)

Adventures in Zereth Mortis will have you killing rare spawns across the map in a variety of locations. The best bet for this one is to kill the rare spawns when they pop up on your minimap or your map, the Skull Icon with the brown star behind it, as you are doing the other achievements. These rare spawns are hunted by players relentlessly, so the biggest problem won't be killing them but making it to them before they are killed. Some are a bit more difficult than others but since other players hunt them daily, getting a little help shouldn't be an issue.

(Video) How to Unlock Zereth Mortis Flying in 9.2 - World of Warcraft Guides

If you are having trouble with one of these rare spawns, simply waiting for other players to come by and help kill it is a good bet. You shouldn't have to wait very long for a group of other players to come by and take it out in moments. These rare spawns are on a spawn schedule. However, it is a race to the clock with these guys, so if you see one nearby start running and get at least one shot off before it goes down. You will only need to kill ten from the whole list, so it isn't too difficult to kill these rares while you hunt down "Curious Collections", do "Tales of the Exile", and "Explore Zereth Mortis".

Path to Enlightenment and A Means to an End

World Of Warcraft: How To Unlock Flying In Zereth Mortis (9)

These achievements are classic for World of Warcraft. You will simply have to quest! The quests involved with these achievements are pretty basic, fast, and self-explanatory. The A Means to an End achievement can be attained by finishing chapter Six in the Zereth Mortis Campaign, it's that easy. To make sure you are staying on track with this one, you will want to follow the Zereth Mortis Campaign in your quest log titled "Secrets of the First Ones". This will show you what your next step is to finish chapter Six in the campaign. Also, remember to always pick up the yellow quests given with a brownish shield behind the exclamation mark, these quest givers will feed you quests for the Zereth Mortis campaign.

As far as the "Path to Enlightenment" achievement goes, you will have to do three quest lines for this one. Namely, "Small Pet Problems", "Not AI Are Lost", and "A Return to Grace". "Small Pet Problems" will be available for pickup in Haven from Tamra, with the first quest being called "Look Who I Found!". By turning in and accepting quests from Tamra, you'll have this one done in no time. Tamra's quests for this one are "Look Who I Found!", "Flora Aroma", "Broker Beake", "Cascades of Magnitude", "Culling the Maelstrom", and "Can I Keep Him?".

The next questline, "Not AI Are Lost", starts with obtaining the quest "Security Check" from Al'dalil in Haven. You will return and pick up quests from Al'dalil till you finish the "Broker Decloaker" quest, then you will pick up "Following the Leader" from Rana just north of Haven. After that one is done, you will start the "Technical Difficulties" quest with Rana, then return it to Al'dalil and finish the last quest of the quest line. Pretty easy, right?.

Lastly, for the "A Return to Grace" questline, you will need to head to Pilgram's Grace, where you will start the quest "Lost Grace" from Olen. This questline will consist of the quests "Lost Grace", "Restore the Flow", "An Automa-free Diet", "A Return To Grace", and lastly "The Wellspring of the First Ones". After you complete the quest with the same name, you should see "A Return to Grace" marked as completed under your "Path to Enlightenment" Achievement, in the achievement window. That should cover everything you need to attain the "Unlocking the Secrets" achievement to be granted flying in Zereth Mortis. Flying in Zereth Mortis will make your reputation grind with The Enlightened much easier, and maybe you can fly a buddy around Zereth Mortis, so they can do the achievement without needing to run everywhere!

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How do I unlock flying in Zereth mortis? ›

You will need to finish specific quests, hunt down rares, and seek scrolls among other objectives to receive the "Unlocking the Secrets" Achievement, which grants you the ability to fly across Zereth Mortis.

How long does it take to unlock flying in zereth mortis? ›

Flying is gated behind the sixth chapter of the Zereth Mortis story, which becomes available exactly 4 weeks after Patch 9.2 goes live, starting the week of March 15, 2022.

How do you unlock flying? ›

Unlocking Flying in the Shadowlands
  1. Earn 44 Renown with your Covenant.
  2. Complete all 9 chapters of the Covenant Campaign.
  3. Complete up through the 3rd chapter of the 9.1 "Chains of Domination" Campaign (ending with The Primus Returns)

How to fly in the new wow zone? ›

Expert Riding allows you to fly in any zone except:
  1. Shadowlands zones. Requires completing The Last Sigil part of the Chains of Domination achievement. ...
  2. Battle for Azeroth zones. Requires completing the Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two achievement.
  3. Specific no-fly zones:

Why can't i fly in Zereth Mortis? ›

Players will be able to use their flying mounts in Zereth Mortis after completing the achievement Unlocking the Secrets, a series of six achievements. This will unlock Flying in the Zereth Mortis zones accountwide.

How do you unlock 3rd day Zereth Mortis? ›

To unlock Zereth Mortis, you must work through Chapter 1 of the Eternity's End, Into the Unknown. You should receive the first quest for the 9.2 Campaign, Call of the Primus, the moment you first log in on Patch 9.2's launch. There are currently no underlying requirements to unlock the Zereth Mortis storyline for alts.

Can you skip Zereth Mortis if you started it? ›

Common Problems. If you accidentally start the Zereth Mortis Campaign instead of selecting the skip option, unfortunately there is no way to undo that decision. To progress you must complete the Campaign as normal.

What is the fastest way to get Zereth Mortis rep? ›

Completing the weekly quest Patterns Within Patterns grants 1250 Reputation. Like other iterations of this weekly quest, this is completable by doing tasks around Zereth Mortis - Killing rares, looting treasures and completing daily/world quests.

Do you have to do Korthia to unlock Zereth Mortis? ›

In Patch 9.1, you needed to complete the first two chapters of the 9.0 Campaign to gain access to the Korthia campaign skip. Good news this time around: There are no requirements for the Zereth Mortis skip besides being level 60!

How do I enable flying? ›

Your Apex server's control panel makes this quite easy.
  1. Open your server's control panel.
  2. On the top left, click Config Files.
  3. Select Server Settings.
  4. Find the Allow Flying field, on the very top, and set it to Enabled.
  5. Scroll down and click Save.
  6. Restart the server when it prompts you for the change to be saved.
Jul 26, 2022

What level can you fly in wow 2022? ›

Draenor Pathfinder allows you to ride flying mounts in Draenor. You can learn the Riding Skill at Level 30 for 250 Gold.

How do you unlock flying BFA 2022? ›

So what do you need to do to get BFA Flying? To give you the short and sweet version, your main goal for unlocking flying is completing 2 achievements, upon completion you will be able to fly in Battle for Azeroth.

Why can't I fly in World of Warcraft? ›

If you want to unlock the ability to fly in general anywhere (except for the zones you need specific requirements for that are listed above) you have to be level 30 and visit your flying trainer. This is the only thing you need to do on every character separately, all the other things are account wide.

Where can I learn outland flying? ›

Both the Flying Machine and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine schematics can be learned directly from Engineering trainers in Outland:
  • Alliance Engineers train with Niobe Whizzlespark at Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley.
  • Horde Engineers train with Jonathan Garrett at Shadowmoon Village in Shadowmoon Valley.
Sep 21, 2022

How do you unlock the flying mount in Shadowlands? ›

Shadowlands Flying Unlock Requirements
  1. Reach Renown 44 (complete the Convenant storyline along the way to speed this up)
  2. Complete "The Last Sigil" - Chapter 4 of the Chains of Domination campaign.
  3. Receive Memories of Sunless Skies Icon Memories of Sunless Skies and unlock account-wide flying in the Shadowlands zones.
Nov 26, 2021

What do you do in Zereth Mortis Week 1? ›

Table of Contents
  • Complete the First 3 Chapters of the Zereth Mortis Campaign.
  • Start the Enlightened Reputation - Patterns Within Patterns.
  • Start the Cypher of the First Ones System.
Feb 22, 2022

How long is Zereth Mortis campaign? ›

The primary campaign is eight chapters long and covers the heroes' arrival to Zereth Mortis, their search for a way to follow the Jailer into the Sepulcher of the First Ones and defeat him, the creation of a new Arbiter to restore balance to the realms of Death as a whole, and finally the ultimate fate of Sylvanas ...

Does Zereth Mortis have a world boss? ›

Antros is a new World Boss found in Zereth Mortis in Patch 9.2.

Should you skip Zereth Mortis on alts? ›

This rep only matters on your main unless you need the infinite augment rune on an alt. You barely get any cyphers during that campaign which is what you care about if you're casual.

What level should I start Zereth Mortis? ›

To unlock Zereth Mortis, you must have completed Chapter 2 of the 9.1 campaign, Maw Walkers, up until the quest Charge of the Covenants. After that quest is completed, you will receive the pop-up to start the Zereth Mortis campaign.

How much enlightened rep can you get a day? ›

World Quests: 125 Reputation each. 3 available per day.

How fast can you get revered with the Enlightened? ›

For those who don't grind dailies and just do the campaign and weekly patterns quest.

How do you unlock Zereth Mortis Puzzle Quest? ›

How to Access Zereth Mortis Puzzles. Zereth Mortis puzzles can be accessed once you finish Chapter 3 of the Patch 9.2 campaign.

How do you unlock Cypher weapons in Zereth Mortis? ›

First you need to do the Jiro quests starting with Broken Circle. You will need Altonian Understanding from the Cypher Research Console to understand and talk to them. Then you need to get a drop called Resonating Disc and turn it in to Olea Manu outside at Faith's Repose FP(Firim's cave).

Can you skip the Zereth Mortis Questline? ›

A Zereth Mortis skip is available for alts who do not wish to complete the first 3 chapters of the 9.2 story, but it comes at a price. If you complete the first 3 chapters of the Zereth Mortis story on your main, you can talk to Tal-Inara in Oribos on alts to skip to Chapter 4 with your alt and have Pocopoc unlocked.

How do you unlock more mounts in Zereth Mortis? ›

You should be able to obtain them by just doing your quests and daily activities in Zereth Mortis. While the amount of Genesis Motes needed to craft a specific pet or mount varies, the rough estimate would be around 300 Motes for a Pet and 400 Motes for a Mount.

Can I craft a 291 legendary? ›

Legendary Changes in Patch 9.2. Legendary items can be upgraded to Rank 7, iLevel 291 in Patch 9.2. The upgrade process for this final rank requires a new Rank 7 Base Item and a new currency, Cosmic Flux. After completing Chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis Campaign, players will be able to equip two Legendary items.

How much does rank 7 legendary cost? ›

Upgrading from a Rank 6 to Rank 7 Legendary requires only 2,000 Cosmic Flux, instead of Soul Cinders or Soul Ash.

How much does rank 6 legendary cost? ›

Rank 6 upgrade costs 5,150 Soul Ash and 1,650

Rank 7 upgrade costs 2,000 Cosmic Flux.


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